"a giant alt-rock masterpiece"

                --- The Daily Vault

                      (Best of 2016)


"Yerba Buena" (released April 22, 2016) was recorded by Bill Racine in Oakland, CA between July and December 2013. Mixed in the first half of 2014, and then mastered in December 2015 by John Golden.




Hudson Bell - singing and guitars

John Slater - bass guitar, organ, theremin, background singing

Brian Fraser - drums, percussion, background singing

Bill Racine - lead guitar on "Highway"


Cover art is by Lawrence Wells


All songs written by Hudson Bell, except "Guided Eyes" (Bell/Slater/Fraser) and "Blue Devil" (Bell/Slater)

All songs copyright 2016 Buried Diary Music (BMI)

C & P 2016 Hudson Bell


(Background photo on this page by Lenny Gonzalez)