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Who is this relatively unknown artist, who . . . can mesmerize listeners so completely . . . Captain of the Old Girls is the sound of rain pouring down on a sunny day, of someone looking at an old photograph of someone else and seeing their own flaws reflected . . . like headlights on a long-forgotten road . . . a record filled with major steps forward. -- ROCKPILE
"While many alt-country bands actively incorporate rural Americana and folk-tinged elements into their music from decidedly hipper and more urban locales, Bell seems to have brought the base elements of American roots music with him from Mississippi to the city . . . The main strength of Captain of the Old Girls, however, lies in Bell's beautiful storytelling abilities . . . The cornerstone of the record . . . and perhaps one of the finest songs of the year, belongs to "Expatriate." Captain of the Old Girls is a true great American album. If justice is served across a land as beautiful and detached as ours, Bell will surely get his due recognition." -- ACTIONMAN MAGAZINE
"I always say that I hate singer/songwriter music, but about every other month I am pleasantly surprised by something really good coming my way . . . Hudson sings like he is inspired by the loneliness of the world detached, almost as if living life through the Polaroid camera on the cover of the album. His voice crackles ever so slightly and his lyrics are beautiful. The music is lush and calculated. I would not groan if he played." -- SINCERE BRUTALITY
"He writes, sings and plays personal songs that also tap into the history and geography of the US . . . His songs are straightforward and catchy, yet he leaves room for swatches of noise and other expressions of sonic freedom . . . Bell subtly, poetically ties together what we're missing as people and what we're missing as a society. He does this through vibrant, stirring songs that cut past the gloss of the world . . . and all of them are remarkable." -- ERASING CLOUDS
[Bell] sure does have a way with his music . . . These aren't plodding works, but swooping, majestic delicate sledgehammers that keep falling until the point is driven home once and for all . . . I'm a sucker for quavering vocals, and I'm equally enamored of grandiose layered pop music. Plenty of both here to satisfy. -- AIDING & ABETTING
At first blush, Captain of the Old Girls seems like one of those faux-naif, man-child records, a la Daniel Johnston or Beat Happening, the songs half-spoken and delivered with a disarming directness. But it soon becomes apparent that Bell, with his eggheady lyrics and grandly orchestrated lo-fi arrangements, is definitely following his own muse. -- BAY AREA BUZZ
"A young writer finds emotional solace in song and offers a timeless message permeated with anassuming brilliance . . . And throughout, the simple but elegant music supports the erudite, poignant, compelling lyrics. These are words you can sink your teeth into and chew hard . . . With an ad-hoc simplicity and a hopeful innocence camouflaging its emotional power, Captain of the Old Girls earns five bites out of five." -- ROCKBITES ALT DAILY

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